I started in 2015.  I provide targets which I designed to the shooting population to help them get their skills more honed.  The targets I provide are FREE for anyone who goes to my website.  Any visitor is able to print as many targets as they want with different categories associated with the targets.  I have standard, animal, fun and games, and miscellaneous targets.

What do you enjoy most about your website?

I enjoy most about keeping the website up is that I feel I have a hand in helping the population get better at handling firearms.  It’s important to that those who bear arms are well prepared.

What’s a surprising story since you started the website?

I went to my local gun range to shoot some rounds and I found some of the targets from my website printed off and left for the next person.  It was very exciting to see people using and sharing the targets I design.

What’s a cool thing about your targets?

I really enjoy the fun and games targets, as it’s a good time to invite friends and shoot while honing your skills.

How can we contact you or your business?

You can check out the targets I design myself right on my website at logo

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