My Tactical Outdoors

My Tactical Outdoors

Gun Chase recently interviewed My Tactical Outdoors.  My Tactical Outdoors sells firearm parts, My Tactical Outdoorsaccessories, knives, optics and tactical equipment.

My Tactical Outdoors has been in business since April 2014, but just recently launched an eCommerce site.  Their site provides the consumer a wide range of products encompassing over 400 brands including Beretta, Crimson Trace, Taser, Glock, FrogLube, Marlin, Pelican, Redfield just to name a few.

When asked what they’ve enjoyed most since starting My Tactical Outdoors, they immediately respond “getting to meet gun enthusiasts and veterans”

For the future, they are looking to expand their e-commerce business, drive traffic to their website in order to increase their volume of sales.  Why is this important to them?  Obviously the most obvious answer is to increase revenue, but ultimately their goal is to be able to continue to lower pricing for the consumer.

If you are interested in browsing an online store which has a substantial selection of firearms, firearm parts, accessories, knives, optics, and tactical gear, head over to and check them out.


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