Gun Chase Press Release

Gun Chase Press Release

This is the Gun Chase Press Release Announcing:

Gun Chase Launches Directory And Search Engine For All Things Gun Related

Summary: The new directory and search engine provides an important resource for people looking to find services, videos, and products. The gun directory also provides businesses with an option to be seen in front of a dedicated audience to gain greater exposure for their products and services.

One in three Americans own a gun, and 19 million safely participate in target shooting but up until now there has never been a main resource for these people looking for gun related services and products. Gun Chase wanted to change that and are now pleased to announce they have launched a directory and search engine for all things gun related.

The Gun Chase directory ( is a powerful search engine and business directory that allows people to search for all types of products, services and gun related interests. They include Gunsmiths, Publications, Firearm Accessories, Gun training, and also social networks to talk about guns and gun related topics. The aim of the directory is to allow people to find things quickly without spending hours searching the Internet.

With the popularity of the Gun Chase directory, it has become an important place for businesses to be seen. Businesses can submit a free listing and put their products and services in front of a dedicated customer base. There is an option for a business to upgrade their free submission to a premium listing for a small yearly fee. The listing will then become a featured listing where it will be shown at the top of the searches and appear on all the main pages, providing the business with greater exposure.

A spokesman for Gun Chase Directory said: “We understand how hard it can be to find gun related items, and that is why we put our directory together. Visitors to our directory can find everything they are looking for within minutes, providing a great resource for all gun fans.”

The Gun directory is very easy to use. On the home page, there is a list of the sections where users of the site can decide what they are looking for and be taken straight a company that provides them with what they need.

To learn more about Gun Chase Directory, please visit

About Gun Chase Directory

Gun Chase directory is an important resource for gun fans who need a simplified way of finding the products and services they need.

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